Ductless Mini-Splits

Save time and money with energy efficient mini-splits!

Ductless Technology Eliminates Duct Energy Loss

Mini-splits are both efficient and stylish!

Because the heat-recovery mini-split transfer pumps do not produce heat, the Energy Star-certified mini-split heat pumps consume up to 60% less energy than a standard electrical resistance-based home heating system.

Many models can have up to multiple indoor air handling units connected to one outdoor unit. Mini-split systems let you control each room’s temperature individually.

Ductless mini-split systems save space, they enhance the quality of indoor air, and they deliver uniform heating and cooling across the entire house. Mini-split systems provide many benefits over conventional central air systems, including improved energy efficiency, easy installation, and can provide both heating and cooling.

Valdo’s Mechanicals is an Elite Fujitsu Dealer!

Fujitsu Elite Contractors are distinguished from other contractors because of the premier level of training they’ve earned, and the support and service the provide to their customers. Becoming an Elite Contractor earns them access to Fujitsu General’s top-notch sales support tools.

Fujitsu Elite Contractors Must:

  • Use best efforts in resolving customer complaints
  • Be diligent and professional in handling all field service related issues
  • Meet state and local compliance and licensing requirements
  • Meet and maintain training requirements
  • Maintain current contact information on Fujitsu website
  • Follow up with customers in a timely manner