Commercial Refrigeration

Leave your business-critical systems in the hands of people you can trust.

Valdo’s Mechanicals Heating and Cooling Takes the Stress out of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Valdo’s Mechanicals Heating & Cooling specializes in providing refrigeration installations, repair and maintenance, which are essential for commercial establishments.

You will never have to stress about a broken refrigerator stalling your daily business operations again! Contact our experienced team today.

Our prices are affordable and our service prompt and thorough. Email [email protected] or call 609-522-2109 for immediate help.

Call us today to learn more about our refrigeration maintenance programs.

Valdo’s Mechanicals is an Elite Fujitsu Dealer!

Fujitsu Elite Contractors are distinguished from other contractors because of the premier level of training they’ve earned, and the support and service the provide to their customers. Becoming an Elite Contractor earns them access to Fujitsu General’s top-notch sales support tools.

Fujitsu Elite Contractors Must:

  • Use best efforts in resolving customer complaints
  • Be diligent and professional in handling all field service related issues
  • Meet state and local compliance and licensing requirements
  • Meet and maintain training requirements
  • Maintain current contact information on Fujitsu website
  • Follow up with customers in a timely manner